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Divide between rich, poor grows

Over the past 30 years, Vancouver’s Westside and downtown have become increasingly wealthier, while the middle class has been pushed further into the Eastside and the poor have been squeezed out of the city
“People are being excluded from specific parts of the region by income,” said David Hulchanski, a professor at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Urban Studies, speaking at a public event in Vancouver on Dec. 1.

“That’s always gone on, but it’s massively going on now. This is a spatial segregation of people.”
Hulchanski is part of a research consortium called the Neighbourhood Change Project, which has created a series of maps showing growing economic inequality in Canadian cities.
Hulchanski was in Vancouver to show the latest iteration of the maps, updated with data from the 2016 census.
The new data shows that the trend continues to worsen, with many large Canadian cities seeing a drop in the number of “middle income” neighbourhoods and an increase in neighbourhoods that are either rich or poor.
Increasing economic inequality is a trend in many developing countries, and is most pronounced in English-speaking countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.
Factors include a changing labour market and taxation reforms in the 1980s and 1990s that favoured the wealthy.
Rising inequality is something we should be worried about, Hulchanski said, because research has shown that regions with higher economic inequality have worse outcomes for just about every indicator, from crime to health to political instability.
Vancouver doesn’t have the steepest level of rising inequality:
Calgary has seen the most dramatic change, followed by Toronto.
In fact, Vancouver is the only city to see an increase in the number of middle income neighbourhoods.
But, Hulchanski notes, that’s because low income people “are being pushed out of Vancouver.”
Hulchanski believes the trend shows why it’s important for governments to get involved in housing policy, such as Vancouver’s new housing plan which aims to produce 36,000 new units of housing affordable to people earning less than $80,000 a year.
“Everything I showed you was done by humans, it wasn’t done by an earthquake or flood,” Hulchanski said. “This is public and private power doing these things to the city.
A just city demands that all developments must be in the service of everyone
This is Important for


Residential Tenancy Branch

BC's Stealth Rental Branch

Has more Power than the Supreme Court


51% of the People that live in Vancouver are Renters

Tenants as long as you pay your rent on time in full every month 

The Judge will Literally ignore and bend the "Laws "of

The City ,Police, Animal Control and the Fire Department

To render a decision for the Tenants

Why we protect tenants and rental housing

This is a Real case


The Landlord said

This Tenant Broke Every Law in the Books

The Landlord also told the Judge

The Tenant Paid his Rent in full on Time every month so

The Judge

Dismiss the Landlord's application in its entirety .The tenancy shall continue

Vancouver Residential Tenancy Branch

Notice of a Dispute Resolution Hearing

File No: 864097 September 14,2017 at 09:30 AM

The Judge

Dismiss the Landlord's application in its entirety .The tenancy shall continue

All decisions are blinding

The Judges Decision

The review of Judges decision

The Landlord did not win the review

The Landlord gave Glen another 30 day notice to move 

Glen gave the Landlord a

Notice of Dispute Resolution Proceeding
Court Date January 25,2018 

This is the Landlords Case

Glen Warren in Apt 104 asked me if he could put a Small Garden in the back yard

And he would cut the grass and take care of the back for me [ I said ok ]

Allowing this garden was probably the worst decision of my Life

The backyard quickly turned into Glen's Private Beer garden including a very large fire pit

And two buildings without the consent of the Landlord or City building permits


This garden is hell for the neighbours down the back alley as well as the tenants
in the rear of the building

Some Tenants are to scared to take out their garage they put it in the next door garage bin

Next door gets mad at us they throw the garage all over our front steps

We have tried everything we can think of to get this to stop

The City ,Police ,Animal Control and the Fire Department

Have been here more times than I can count

Often more than once in the same day ... Or night

Glen has been told It's against the law to drink outside on the grass the police will be called

It's against the law to have a party outside on the grass the police will called

It's against the law to have a barbecue, fire pit, fireplace or heater outside on the grass

The Dogs must be Leashed at all times when they are outside

Every year the Fire Department Inspects this building

Every year they write down No Storage Allowed In the Underground Parking lot

This is the Fire Code

Every year Glen just puts more junk downstairs


Because of the noise. Fighting and outrageous drunken parties .

and the two unleashed dogs Chase. Challenge.

Bark. bare teeth and biting on the average of a few times a day

The Pedestrians and dogs who walk down the back alley

Glen has forced us to put up a Video Camera

So that everything is recorded now

Glen has taken over 3/4 of the whole property with gardens even the fire exit to the street

Glen does not want anyone to come on to his back yard

There's only one way to stop Glen

The Lady in 107 calls the police on Glen every time he try's to put a garden in her back yard

Glen's response to this was to tear out his plants

Then Glen cut down her rose bush in her back yard

Rose Bush

The Lady had to call the police on Glen again

He even try's to control who comes down the back alley

Glen didn't want a old Asian man rooting around for cans and bottles in our Garage Bin

Glen chased him down the alley brandishing a shovel

Another man with a pick axe because he didn't want him walking on to 107 
property from the alley to her apt.

I'm always getting calls from the City about the dogs

Glen has never tied the dogs up

The dogs just run free and there always chasing or biting people down the alley

The last call I got the dog chase a man and kid and they phone the City

Glen always tell people they shouldn't come down the alley

I have three people what wrote me saying Glen dog bit them

And I have letters from people that saw Glen dog bit people


The new disable tenant in 106 wrote me telling me Glens dog bit him in the foot

Their was blood everywhere ,

They just gave him the finger and told him to f---k off

Tenant in 302 wrote me telling me Glen dog bite him on the hand

I have another letter from man that says the dog bite him on the foot

The city keeps calling me about Glen dog chasing people down the alley

The last call I got from the city the dogs chase a man and his son 
on bicycles down the alley

The man phoned the city and the city phone me

Glen only responds by stating that people should not walk down the alley

As he refuses to tie up or leash the dogs Glen just lets the dogs run lose

The son in apt 103 told me

Glen was just standing their when Seven attack him twice

103 will not stay here any more they will only move back here after

Glen and the two dogs are gone

One tenant wrote me telling me

The dogs ran towards a young girl and her mother

The little girl was absolutely terrified and screaming with fear

Glen on one occasion commanded his dog Seven to attack a local gardener

Then verbally abused him by yelling comments regarding his specified ethnicity

I reported all this to the city animal control

Their are two cases against them

Apt 104 - 10158253 and Apt 105-10158350

Today at 11:45 2017-10-02 the City of Vancouver Animal Control Officer phone me

Because I'm the Landlord the City Animal Control Officer will not investigate these attacks

This is how Glen is getting away with not leashing the dogs up and the dog biting people

Glen Dog

After the court case

Glen went to the city 09/18/2017 and complained my dog did not have a license

I got the warning notice 09/22/2017 I have to pay $52.00 for unlicensed Dog


The city came and told us their had to be a 4 ft. clear path for fire exit to the street

Because Glen does not want anyone walking on his back yard

We now have a maze build in front of it ,It was build on 106 land

Glen put trees and a motorcycle on the other side of the fire exit by the garage bin

Glens Garden

The City ,the Police ,the City and the fire department

Have been here more times that I can count [sometimes very day]

The more they drink the louder they get and the more they fight which brings the police and the ambulance

1 The Last time their were 9 police cars and 1 ambulance
[ someone try to kill Glen with a baseball bat ]

2 The time before that Glen try to kill Andrea in apt 105

I was told by her and the police that she got a court order against Glen

3 Andrea broke Glen's side kitchen window the police were called
Glen got a court order against her

4 Someone when through Glen's balcony 4 ft. glass door Glen was arrested

Glen wanted his girlfriend Andrea from the building next door to move into this building

Glen started to fight everyday with his neighbor next door in apt 105

105 wanted to do what Glen did and start a garden on the grass in the back yard

Glen did not like his pots so he would not let him put his pots on the grass

To stop 105 Glen put his garden right up against 105 balcony

So 105 put all his plant pots on his first floor balcony

For the first time 104 and 105 Apt. floors were flooded with about 1/2 " of water

I tried everything to find the leak , I even tore out walls

Glen told me it was because 105 was watering his plants on his balcony

{ I blamed 105 for watering his garden on his balcony }

Because Glen Harassment and all the water on his floor 105 moved out and we had to replace both Glen floor and 105 floor

The real truth

Every night after dark Glen waters his garden

Glen put his garden was right up against 105 balcony

The water would run all night long It would flood 105 balcony

The water would then run into apt 105 and apt 104 .

When I was fixing the floor in apt 105

One morning their was water all over 105 floor

Glen told me that It was his fault their was water on the floor he was watering his garden

Since Andrea moved in 104 and 105 floors have been dry not one drop of water

I just moved a disable man into 106 they do not want him here he's MPA

They do not want MPA people in the building their asking all the neighbors

To sign a partition To help them get rid of MPA people and me

Last week I went downstairs in the morning very early it was flooded with water everywhere

Outside there was a water hose up against 106 bedroom wall that been there for hours

I rented apt.302 out to Derek J. Mullan Queen's Counsel since 1989
He is Senior Partner of Clark Wilson LLP, and a member of its Construction
Law, Insurance Litigation , Personal Injury and Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice

Derek J. Mullan and his son took me to court

File No 837517 case number VA15-138415


This is what the son told the court

Glen and Andrea were in a drunken state siting on the curb outside

Hurling obscenities and throwing rocks up to 302 balcony

302 Son called the police plus the Son made a video that they used in court against me

After the police left the Glen and Andrea called the police

Andrea made a false police report she claimed that

His son in 302 was beating up his girlfriend the police came

The Police arrested Andrea for public mischief and wasting their time

The police wagon was called and Andrea was taken away

She just moved into the building that afternoon

When 302 try to do their laundry Glen and Andrea were extremely intoxicated

The Andrea actually stole some of the Son's girlfriends clothing ]

And Glen cut the washing machine cords so they could not do their washing

He was proud that he cut the cords he put a sign up in the laundry room

You people are such a fucking joke yes I cut the cord yes I told the manager you fucks


The Tenants pay $20.00 a month for Laundry they get to use it 4 hours a week

Glen's door is next to the Laundry so he can hear and see who is using the laundry

Glen will just walks in and takes their Laundry time

Glen will not wait the 15 min's. to see if they are using the machines

The tenants really get mad at Glen and leave notes

Glen writes back I have a better idea Go fuck yourself Dickhead

Plus Glen will pull the cords on the machines when people are trying to use them

Glen puts his laundry in before he goes to work early morning

It will be their all day long sometimes two or three days

People are so mad at Glen they throw his clothes in the garage bin or steal them

Glen rent is $880.00

June 1 2017

Glen gave me a check for the rent $646.00 plus he gave me a receipt for $233.93

Glen gave me the check and the receipt all he will say

I've been here 5 years I can buy what I want

Glen will not tell me what he bought

Glen Check

Glen did tell the judge what he bought

I've been in this building about 20 years

Every day I've been told by the police, courts and every one

Landlords do have rights

You have the right to leave the tenant has the right to stay

I guess I'm to old and mentally ill to think

A Landlord can win a review of a decision

The Landlords Appeal

The Landlord did not win

The Decision 

The Landlord gave Glen another 30 day notice to move 

Glen gave the Landlord a
Notice of Dispute Resolution Proceeding
Court Date January 25,2018 

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Divide between rich, poor grows This is why we protect tenants and rental housing Over the past 30 years, Van...